Ticket Info

General Admission

Provides access to Defqon.1 Festival on Saturday September 16th. Doors open at 10:30am, the latest time to enter the festival is 7pm.

Price: $170 + booking fee (First release)

VIP Admission

Provides additional access to the Defqon.1 VIP area. The VIP area features a large elevated viewing deck, which is located directly opposite from the mainstage providing prime mainstage views and a private bar.

Price: $270 + booking fee (First release)


With the payment plan, you can pay for your Defqon.1 ticket in 4 payments of equal amounts. After your first payment (when you purchase your ticket), your credit card will be charged automatically on the following dates:

  • July 1st 2017
  • August 1st 2017
  • September 1st 2017

Default on a payment will result in cancellation of your ticket, and a loss of ALL payments made prior to default. It is 100% your responsibility to manage your payment plan. Payment plans are available until June 30th.


Your Defqon.1 ticket cost includes travel on Sydney Trains services, and free event return shuttle buses from Penrith Station on the day of the event. *Does not include Airport Link.


If you are the holder of a companion card or you require special assistance, notification is required via written communication to info@q-dance.com.au, so we can assist you with your booking. Suitable and valid identification must be provided upon request. Written communication needs to be received at least 7 days prior to the event date for your booking requirements to be actioned on.


For questions about your online ticket purchase, please visit support.ticketbooth.com.au or contact Ticketbooth at support@ticketbooth.com.au. If you have any questions about a ticket you bought from an official Q-dance Ambassador please contact ambassadors@q-dance.com.au.


You can also buy your Defqon.1 tickets from our Ambassadors. Only buy legitimate hardcopy tickets from an official Q-dance Ambassador. You can recognise official Ambassadors by their profile at ambassadors.q-dance.com.au. When in doubt about the legitimacy of an Ambassador you can ask for verification by emailing us at ambassadors@q-dance.com.au.

If you bought a ticket from a Q-dance Ambassador, please do not forget to ACTIVATE your hardcopy ticket. Your ticket is only valid if activated!


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