Sydney International Regatta Centre.

Old Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh 2749, NSW Australia.


Opening Hours

Defqon.1 Festival Australia: Saturday 15th of September from 10:30 till 22:00 (BLUE & MAGENTA stage continue till 23:00). The latest time to enter the festival is 19:00.



We try to ensure, to the best of our ability, for you and your friends to have an unforgettable time at Defqon.1. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. This event will proceed come rain, hail or shine. The temperatures on Defqon.1 Island can vary from 30 degrees during the daytime and drop to 5 degrees in the evening. So please bring your sunscreen and warm clothing. Cloak facilities available, located before the bridge onto the island.



Defqon.1 Festival Australia is sold out!



Q-dance cannot verify the authenticity of tickets unless they are purchased from:

  1. Our online ticket store operated by Ticketbooth.
  2. An Official Q-dance Ambassador. Official Q-dance Ambassadors can be recognized by their profile on the Ambassador website.



If you bought a hardcopy ticket from an official Q-dance Ambassador, you need to activate your ticket in order for it to be valid. The activation process is for your own protection, ensuring the legitimacy of your hardcopy ticket. Your ticket is only valid if activated!







How to login to update ticket details

Once you have activated your ticket, you can login at any time on this website to view/update your details, or transfer your ticket in case you cannot attend the event and end up selling your ticket to a friend. To login, simply enter the activation code, followed by your ticket number and then your password. You can then update your personal details in case you changed your email address for example, or transfer the ticket to a new owner.

The details of your hardcopy ticket need to match with the photo ID shown upon entry of the event. If your ticket number and/or activation code do not work, it means your ticket is invalid. You can only buy legitimate hardcopy tickets from official Q-dance Ambassadors, which you can recognize by their profile at Ambassadors.q-dance.com.au. Please contact our Ambassador helpdesk at ambassadors@q-dance.com.au if you have any questions about your ticket activation.


Tickets bought online via Ticketbooth and Holographic tickets are already activated for you.


Questions about your ticket?

If you have any questions about your online ticket order, please contact Ticketbooth at support@ticketbooth.com.au or check the FAQ here


Catch the train!

Your Defqon.1 ticket cost includes travel on Sydney Trains services*, and free event return return shuttle buses from Penrith Station on the day (valid till 4am 16th September 2018).

*Station access fee applies for travel to and from Domestic and International Airport stations, you will need to purchase a separate ticket. All public transportation to Defqon.1 Festival leaves from Penrith Railway Station – this includes taxis and Uber rides. Please check your travel plans at transportnsw.info.


If you live in the West

Please drive your car to the nearest train station and leave it in the car park for the day. Take the train directly to Penrith. This will be the cheapest, quickest and safest option to get to and from the festival.


If you live or staying in Penrith

Take the free shuttle bus service from Penrith Station to the Regatta Centre. There will NOT be pedestrian access on Castlereagh Road to the Festival.


Hotel Shuttle Service

Hotel shuttle busses are available from local hotels in Penrith to Penrith station. These tickets are $10 each and allow for a return journey. Tickets can be bought upon the boarding of the bus from the hotel to the train station. Please retain you ticket, so it can be used for the return journey. The following hotels are serviced with the Hotel shuttle:

The Mercure Penrith Panthers – Quality Inn Penrith – Nepean Shores Resort – Penrith Valley Inn – The Vines Holiday Cottages Orchard Hills – Astina Serviced Apartments Lethbridge St – Astina Serviced Apartments Roberts St – Overlander Hotel Cambridge Gardens.


No Kiss & Ride drop-off / pickup points

There will be NO drop off and pickup points at the festival site. Any cars or taxis (including private taxi services like Uber) for drop offs will be turned away and sent to Penrith Rail Station. A shuttle bus from there will drop you to the event directly at the front entry. Taxis and pickups at the end of the festival will also happen from Penrith Rail Station (Jane St).

Please advise all drivers who will be dropping off or pickup to meet at the SOUTH SIDE of Penrith Station.


Travel by car - Limited parking

There is limited parking available on site so arrive early to get a park. Pay on the Day parking will be charged at $20.00 and can only be paid with correct CASH. If you do decide to drive, please car pool.


Bus and Coach travel

If you have organized a group to travel by bus or coach to Defqon.1 Festival, please download the private charter coach info brochure HERE for specific instructions. This has all the info you need for parking.


Things to do in Penrith

Keep the excitement going long after the music stops by visiting one of Penrith’s world-class adrenaline attractions.

Try indoor skydiving, jet-packing, wakeboarding, whitewater rafting and the new aerial adventure park and tree-climb experience. If you’d prefer to take it slow, there are plenty of ways to relax and recover from your big weekend. Head to the Nepean River, hire a kayak or stand up paddleboard or take a leisurely walk along the riverbanks. Debrief with your mates at one of our unique cafes, pubs or restaurants or at Australia’s only sake brewery.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for a challenge or just want to enjoy time with friends… Penrith has something to offer the adventurer in everyone. To plan your stay in Penrith go to VisitPenrith.com.au.

Share your adventure with #visitpenrith



Defqon.1 Festival is an over 18s event. One of the following forms of ID is required:

  1. Over 18s RTA photo ID
  2. Valid photo drivers’ license
  3. Current photo passport


Zero Tolerance drug policy

Q-dance maintains a ZERO tolerance drug policy. Our highest priority is to create a memorable and above all safe Defqon.1 experience for everyone who comes to party with us. We want to make you aware that the use of illicit substances carries a range of health risks including the possibility of death, and is strictly forbidden at this event. There will be a strong police, drug dog & security presence upon entry into the event to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. If you are caught carrying illicit substances, you will risk a jail sentence.


No LAD policy

Lads and Lad clothing will not be allowed into the event. You can wear your favourite dancing shoes and/or outfit (TN’s are fine), as long as you don’t classify as a LAD or gangs mentioned in the entry conditions.



You are not allowed to bring food and drinks to Defqon.1, as well as aerosols under pressure and perfume bottles. Deodorant rollers and sunscreen are only allowed in the original and sealed package. Big bags are not allowed at Defqon.1. If you choose to bring one, you have to store it in the cloakroom upon entry.


What to bring

A positive outlook and a love for the harder styles in dance music! 


Photography, video and audio recordings

Everyone can bring a camera to Defqon.1, with the exception of professional recording and video equipment, camera stands (tripods) and mega zoom lenses. GoPro's are allowed (no extension arms). Professional equipment is only allowed if you have written permission from Q-dance. When posting your pictures on social media use the hashtag #defqon1.

In the weeks after the festival we will also publish a selection of the best photos taken throughout the weekend (by our team of photographers) at Q-dance.com and our social media. We will also record the full Endshow and have this online for you shortly after the festival, and of course we we will make an official Aftermovie so you can relive your Defqon.1 adventure over and over again!


Pass Outs

Pass outs will not be issued for Defqon.1. Once you leave the event, you cannot re-enter.



There is no admission into Defqon.1 after 19:00.

*Read the full conditions of attending on the website.


Questions about entry conditions

If you haven't found the answer on your question here, you can email us at info@q-dance.com.au.

Celebrate Safe

This weekend it's time for your favourite day of the year!

From all over the globe we make the pilgrimage to our party island to celebrate in unity and sheer freedom. Q-dance have made 3 essential (short) videos for your your preparations for the event, to contribute to an unforgettable and above all; safe Defqon.1 experience. Share them with your fellow Warriors, and look after your mates during the weekend to ensure you have the best possible time and travel home together again safely afterwards. 

Video 1: we are all one family

Video 2: stay hydrated and re-fuel timely

Video 3: party hard, but party safe



For your convenience we recommend you bring cash on the day. EFTPOS facilities will be available at some token booths and the merchandise stand. Cash-out facilities will be available at the ATM area but are LIMITED. There are ATM’s at Defqon.1, only they do not always work that well. Therefore, we recommend to bring enough cash for the day.



You will need tokens to buy your drinks and food at Defqon.1. Tokens are available for purchase at the token booths on site. Tokens are non-refundable, and with the exception of the Defqon.1 Headbands, tokens cannot be used to purchase to market wares or merchandise.


Recycling rules! Return your cans

Every can returned to the bar is worth 1/2 a token upon your next purchase. A maximum of 4 cans can be exchanged at only one time.


Bar closing times

The main bars close at 21:30, with the bars nearest to the BLUE and MAGENTA stage open till 22.30.


Smoke alert

There will be no tobacco sales at Defqon.1. Electronic cigarettes or vapes are also not allowed.


Hearing Protection

If you are concerned about your hearing, please bring ear protection with you.


First Aid

Please remember: if you or someone around you needs help, it is important that you tell our staff.  First Aid staff are there to help and never judge.



In the event of rain, free ponchos will be available at the bars.



There is a cloakroom at Defqon.1, located before the bridge onto the island. Cost is $5, and you can return as many times as you would like throughout the day. ‘Lost and found’ enquiries should be directed to the cloakroom. There are NO lockers at Defqon.1.



There is no swimming at this event. Anyone who jumps into the water will be removed from the venue.


Seeking to add some extra thrills to your Defqon.1 adventure? For all rides at Defqon.1 this year you will require Defqon.1 tokens, and all rides work with a 'Pay as you go' system, so first come = first served.



Soar high in the sky with Maximum Force! Enjoy this experience for just 4 tokens per person, per ride.



Inspired by James Bond, the jetpack is a backpack unit which will lift you above the water through the force of water propelled from the powered unit. Feel as free as a bird for 14 tokens per person, per ride.



You will be launched into the air at a dazzling speed. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and amazing views for 14 tokens per person, per ride.



For the ultimate thrill, and for many a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can take a helicopter flight over the Defqon.1 festival site and its surroundings for 30 tokens per person, per ride.


The location of all the rides can be found on the floor plan within the Defqon.1 Festival Guide handed out at the event.



Always wanted a Defqon.1 tattoo to memorise your epic adventure forever? This is your chance! Head over to the tattoo shop located at the market stalls and grab yourself an eternal Defqon.1 memory. 



At Defqon.1, you have the opportunity to buy your favourite merchandise item at the merchandise store located at the festival between the RED stage and the market stalls area. 

You can now check out the collection preview here.

Purchases at the merchandise stores can be made with EFTPOS or with cash. 


Cannot wait till Defqon.1? Save time on event day and increase your chances of not missing out by visiting the pop-up store located at Masif Saturdays from 3-8pm the day before! Reserve your spot now!

We also have a broad selection on merchandise still available in the online Q-dance Store.


Defqon.1 Australia 4-CD Album

This years Defqon.1 album is a 4-CD limited edition mixed by Headhunterz & Wildstylez, Andy the Core, Radical Redemption and Rät n Frikk.

The 4-CD album will be available at the event in the merchandise stand. Copies are limited, so be sure to grab yours early in the day!

Exclusive Fan Day and festival offer: purchase the 4-CD album and receive a free bonus CD signed by Coone.


Social Media

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Check out this year's massive anthem by Coone here.


Warm-Up mixes

Prepare for an epic journey into the the Harder Styles with the official Defqon.1 warmup mixes.



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A whole day of partying requires more energy than you might be aware of. Make sure you come to the event well prepared. Drink and sleep enough and keep in mind that in the evening it can get cold. Finally, our motto is "Come together, stay together", so take care of your friends and yourself.